The Peaceful Serenity of the Oregon Coast

The Oregon coast is a truly amazing place to visit or live. It is far removed from the busy city life and can feel like your stepping back in time 100 years. There are so many exciting activities to take part in that it might be hard to choose. In this post we’ll cover just a few of many outdoor activities you can enjoy.


There is great year round fishing throughout the Oregon coast with a huge selection of rivers and lakes to pick from with many expert tour guides available to get you to the best spots. There is also great open ocean fishing that is equal to anywhere in the world.

Crabbing & Clamming

While not as popular as traditional fishing, crabbing & clamming is a lot of fun for the whole family. It’s important to remember that crabs, while small in size, are very strong and can deliver a very painful pinch if your not careful. On the other hand, clamming is very safe as clams don’t have any defense This is always seems to be a favorite of kids due to it’s hands on nature.


Other favorite for families with little kids, tidepooling is a whole new world fo their eyes to see. Will a rich mixture of hidden caves, estuaries and rocky shores, the Oregon coast is a great destination for world class tidepooling. There awaits a whole micro-world of creatures you possibly didn’t even know existed.


The isolated feel of the Oregon coast is just what you need to relax and forgot about the stresses of your busy life, at least for a little while. The hiking trails guide you along the breathtaking bluffs and untouched landscape filled with botanical gardens and tons of wildlife. A great resource for more info on Oregon coast adventures is The video below also gives a great preview of what you can expect to see on your adventures.