Giant Rocks under night sky

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Kansas

The saying “were not in Kansas anymore” is know world wide from the iconic movie The Wizard of Oz, but thats all most people know about this great state. You might think Kansas is nothing miles and miles of flat farm land, but there is so much more. In this post I’d like to highlight a few of may favorite things about my years in Kansas.

KU (Kansas University)

I’d like to start with the main reason why I came to Kansas in the first place which was KU. I had my choice of schools to choose from due to my good grades but I did not want to put the financial burden on my parents by selecting a more expensive school in my home state of California. Shortly after arriving I knew I had made a great choice! I made a lot of lifetime friends and got a great education, but it did come with challenges I was not prepared for. During my years at KU I was also working 25 hours a week while trying to balance a full school schedule. Eventually I had a bit of a breakdown and realized I needed help with my academics. This was hard for me because high school seemed so easy. After speaking with my parents we decided to try a college tutoring service from Buffalo Academy. In short, the one on one tutoring they provided was just what I needed to get back on track. I finished in four years and got a great job right out of college as a data analyst.

Kansas Speedway

Coming from California I never thought I would attend a Nascar event. I just did not see the point of sitting in the stands and watching cars go round and round for hours. After being convinced to attend by a school friend I was actually surprised about how much fun we had. It’s really something that can’t be fully justified through watching on TV. The power of the cars is really amazing, it vibrates your whole body. The one weird part is you can tell that most people are just waiting for a crash to happen, which I guess is the most entertaining part of the whole day.

Monument Rocks

These might be the last thing you expect to see when in Kansas because like I already stated, 99% of the state is flat. Experts say that millions of years ago this land was covered by the ocean. Over the years and years of sun, wind, and rain the rock towers are sadly crumbling away. All we can do is feel fortunate that we will in a time where we can appreciate the beauty of this geological wonder. Check out the video below for a more in depth history of Monument Rocks and why you should put it on you bucket list.